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Can I change my user ID?
How can I change my name registered already?
I want to change my Webhard logo
What should I do when I forgot my password?
How can the major company infomations be updated?
Where can I update the email address or mailing address?
Can I change my user ID?
Once registration is complete, the user ID cannot be changed.
The user ID is the certification necessary to use Webhard services and important information used in the system to provide you with services. It is important to select your user ID carefully when registering.
If you still need to change it, please withdraw your membership and then register again with the user ID you prefer to. Note that since all the data stored in Webhard in your old user ID will be removed, backup your data prior to withdrawal.

How can I change my registered name?
The nominal change can be carried out through certain procedures. In order to change your registered name, you need to send the relevant application form to the Customer Center by fax.
The application form can be downloaded from <Others at FAQ Bulletin Board> in the Customer Center of Webhard website. Once you downloaded the application form, the relevant information regarding the owners before/after transferring the owner's name shall be filled in the form and both persons should sign on the form.
This application form needs to be faxed with a copy of the personal identification documents of the recipient.

I want to change my Webhard logo.
My Webhard logo is the indication presented as "OOO's Webhard" when you log in. The name you designated during the registration process is assigned as default. If you want to change it, you should follow the same procedure changing the owner's name.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Click the menu ' Forgot your PW ' on the Webhard homepage. Customer center will email you with a certification number. Once you certify yourself to Webhard with that number, you can check your user ID and password.

How can the major company informations be updated?
In order to update critical company info, the relevant application must be faxed to the Webhard Customer Center. The application can be downloaded from FAQ menu of the Customer Center.
The filled application must be signed and faxed to Webhard with the copy of your identification at the following Fax number.

Where can I update the email address or mailing address?
After you log in Webhard, just click the<MY Account> menu where you can check and update basic personal information in addition to the email address.

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