10-DEC-11(SAT) Temporary Webhard System Check-up
 25-AUG-06(FRI) Temporary Webhard System Check-up
 Preview your picture files(photos) then download
 31-JUL-05(SUN) Temporary Webhard System Check-up
The weekly system check
We empty the Trashcan on every Tuesday / Friday
You can gain access to Webhard and store important files in it anytime anywhere the Internet is available.
You can upload/download files through Webhard desktop software in
a faster and safer way.
You can proceed with
collaboration work in real-time with friends, colleagues and clients by storing relevant files in Webhard.
You can protect your data from data destruction/theft, virus infection, and system error through backing-up of important files in Webhard.
Webhard protects your data in a safe way through various security systems including Giga firewall, invasion-detecting system, server security and user authentication system.

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